NV'D Records Debuts Quirky Collab EP from No Messin' and Fatt Mox
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NV’D Records Debuts Quirky Collab EP From No Messin’ and Fatt Mox

Although they’ve never met face-to-face, it’s impossible to tell from the recent collaboration from up and comers No Messin and Fatt Mox.

Despite the fact that the two live in different countries, No Messin’ hailing from London, England and Fatt Mox from Florida, this hasn’t stopped the two from coming together for something they’re passionate about – making music. After meeting online through the OKNF Collective, they decided to try their hand at an EP together. And man, was it a success.

Released on NV’D Records on Friday, the four-track Welcome to My House EP seamlessly combines both artist’s production styles into one groovy release that’s perfect for any party. Signature of the North Carolina label’s sound, each record on the EP encompasses a perfect mixture of classic house tones, driving bass and just the right amount of weird.

Read what the label had to say about the EP below.

“Welcome to the house of No Messin and Fatt Mox! This duo invites you in with their eccentric and homemade sounds. These tunes are sure to get your waists whirlin’, toes tappin’ and everyone’s shoulders bouncing!”

Stream the Welcome to My House EP on Soundcloud:

Purchase the EP here.

For both Fatt Mox and No Messin’, this EP marks their debut on the quickly blossoming N.C. label. The growing label is the mastermind behind Shipfam Island, a private festival that happened in Croatia earlier this year. The exclusive festival featured some of house music’s current biggest names including Claude VonStroke, Walker & Royce, Billy Kenny and more.

With a reputation that proceeds them, the sky is the limit for what this label can accomplish. Read what both artists had to say about joining the exclusively inclusive NV’D Records family below.

NM: “The music industry at one end can be a very cold, callous money-making machine but at entirely the other end there’s NV’D Records. Especially within our corner of the industry; most producers and DJs I know are in it for the pure love of the music and the scene. NV’D is joining other great crews, such as the Dirtybird Players, in taking the scene in the right direction.”

FM: “I first noticed NV’D Records after their Croatia party. Needless to say, it looked like one of the best parties of the year! They are clearly serious about what they’re doing and I can relate. I’m on board with anything like that.”

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