Miami-Based Producer Nitti Gritti Drops Rock-Inspired EP 'Judge Me'
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Miami-Based Producer Nitti Gritti Drops Rock-Inspired EP ‘Judge Me’

Nitti Gritti is the slickest poker dealer when it comes to music— you never know which card is being played.

He has dabbled in everything from hip-hop to EDM, and even released a top 40 pop song. And now with a true poker face, the Miami producer dropped a surprise EP titled Judge Me.

Judge Me is a roller coaster ride through every era’s greatest rock hits. From 80s hair metal to today’s alternative, Gritti exemplifies his versatility through this EP.

Sharing the EPs title, “Judge Me” brings grunge punk’s irreverence into 2018. Gritti puts up a middle finger as he screams “you want to judge me cause I feel alright/ you want to judge me because I sleep at night.” However, the distorted guitar riffs and the jackhammer drumbeat balance grit and smoothness in this song.

“Tell Me” is like two love-struck runaways speeding down the highway in their parent’s stolen car. The fast-paced guitar sound combines with “Glitch Mobian” beats to leave you craving a debauchery filled night.

“Money Bag” comments on society’s “Church of Currency.” Using religious idioms, Gritti sings “Money bag, money bag keep me in your prayers / I’ve been bowin’ down to you ever since.” The energetic guitar distortion and throat-punching drum kicks capture the essence of The White Stripes attitude and sound.

The EP ends with “Persistence of Memory.” Gritti channels his inner Chris Martin (lead singer of Coldplay) as he wistfully sings, “don’t give up on yourself, because I haven’t given up on you.” Angelic harmonies float over the acoustic guitar, as the song speeds up with saturated drum kicks. Then, like an exposed wire touching water, the song electrifies you with a powerful guitar solo at the end.

This EP was the golden card up Nitti Gritti’s sleeve. It shows his undeniable talent to both fans and peers alike.

Now buckle up, and give the EP a listen below.

Featured image via artist Facebook page.

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