Nitti Gritti Flips Ellie Goulding's Ethereal "Lights"

Nitti Gritti Flips Ellie Goulding’s Ethereal “Lights”

It’s remarkable that “Lights” was released early this decade, and you still can’t escape it, eight years after it was released. Not that you’d want to anyway, Ellie’s Goulding’s 2010 single is still nice on the ears and shows an evocative, tender range for the British vocalist. Bassnectar’s “Lights” remix made fans weep with joy three New Years Eve’s ago, and dozens of covers and renditions have followed.

Nitti Gritti’s flip separates itself from the pack by paying tribute to the original single and Bassnectar’s remix, while bringing compelling new sounds into the mix. The translucent build-up has Goulding’s fragile “calling, calling,” skyrocket into breathtaking future bass synths, reminiscent of San Holo’s recent hits.

The layered production is clean and cacophonous, giving the chorus a huge, enveloping sweep. Right on cue, the second drop mixes in a confessional Post Malone, rapping “tell me you don’t want me no more/but I can’t let go” from his smash hit “I Fall Apart.”

Nitti Gritti has painstakingly crafted an original spin on Ellie Goulding’s classic that makes the nostalgia worth revisiting. He will be playing in a number of Nû Management showcases and takeovers in Miami next week playing out this single and many more, absolutely see him play.



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