The Journey of New York Bass Producer Nitepunk: Music, Immigration, and Hard Work.

The Journey of New York Bass Producer Nitepunk: Music, Immigration, and Hard Work

As long as we have had our doors open at River Beats, we have prided ourselves on talking, writing, and supporting up-and-coming artists. We consider it to be a founding principle of our company, and we will continue to support different artists of every genre.

We would like to turn our attention to a young bass-producer hailing from New York by way of Georgia named Nitepunk. And when we say Georgia, we don’t mean the state located in the southeastern part of the country, but rather the small country on the border of Russia and the Black Sea.

When you think bass music, I’m certain Georgia doesn’t pop into your mind. The country boasts a population of only 3 million, and is relatively quiet on the electronic side of music.

But thats what makes this story so interesting…

Nitepunk, aka Lasha Mamulashvili, immigrated to the United States in 2015 with the hopes of growing his music career. The young producer knew a move to the United States was a must if he wanted to continue to chase his dreams of being a successful DJ. 

“I’ve always dreamed about living in the states. Ever since I was a kid I knew whatever I decided to do in life, whether it was dance music or anything else, I would do it here.”

Lasha used earnings from local shows in his hometown of Tbilisi, Georgia to purchase a plane ticket to New York City and apply for a U.S. visa. With a new path planned and a solution to finally execute his dreams, Lasha arrived in New York in 2015. As you would imagine, traveling to a brand-new country can be somewhat of a challenge: one that Lasha faced head on.

“The move was definitely shocking. I like to call it an unreal happy feeling. It was unreal because after so many years of thinking and dreaming about it i was finally in New York. I had my expectations but I also knew the challenges would be so much harder. I would say it was hardest times of my life. My private life was a mess. Injuries, jobs, money struggles, and being so far from home plagued me for so long. It was definitely a precious lesson. Being an artist, it’s what I dreamed about. It just made me want to grow and be stronger.”

Immigrating to the U.S. was only part 1 of the overall plan. Since his arrival, Lasha worked various jobs in New York to continue to fund his music career. With the help and guidance from his mentor and great friend, Robert Hoffman, Lasha carved a name for himself on the east coast. The young producer has worked hard on evolving his sound and creating something that distinguishes him from other producers.

“I like to think my sound is somehow visual. I perceive sound visually with colors and textures. I like to bring ambiance that create a unique environment. I use so many different sounds and melodies. I feel like each track I make creates a story full of ups and downs.”

With a growing presence in Brooklyn and the emergence of his music on Soundcloud, Lasha was invited back to Tbilisi to showcase his talents at a music production workshop, something he says he will never forget.

“The workshop was an amazing experience. I thought like 10-20 people would show up, and almost 150 people ended up coming. I was happy something I did influenced and inspired others. I talked about what it takes to actually follow your path. I gave my personal advice to everyone that showed up. It was really impressive and cool to see everyone following and being fully tuned in.”

Bass music knows no boundaries, age limits, nor language barriers. Lasha is a great example of someone following the ‘American Dream.’ We can’t wait to see what the rest of 2017 holds for Nitepunk. You can read the rest of our interview below, and make sure to catch Nitepunk at Republic Nola this Friday (July 28th), as Xero Entertainment hosts Jackal + Luca Lush & Nitepunk! 

What is one thing you would like to tell your fans?

“First of all, thank you for the supporting my music, showing me love, and just making me believe in what I do. I promise to continue to make tunes that inspire people.”

What projects are you currently working on?

“I’m working a 3 track EP, a few remixes, some awesome originals. Overall just planning more shows. I’m most excited about visiting new places and interacting with my fans all over this country.”

Connect with Nitepunk:
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