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Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ Hits 1 Billion Views On Youtube

A true Christmas gift for Kurt Cobain has arrived. 90’s grunge pioneers Nirvana just passed a huge milestone in today’s streaming world. The band’s classic hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit” just passed the 1 billion mark on Youtube. 

The video for “Smells Like Teen Spirit” comes from the age of the music videos and MTV were still a thing and listeners all over the world watched every day. Today the video is placed into the upper echelon of digital music videos available for streaming. 

The single was released from Nirvana’s iconic 1991 album Nevermind. The song and the album were one of the main creditors for changing the Rock music soundscape in the early ’90s. While the video is almost three decades old, it has only been Youtube since 2009.

Watch “Smells Like Teen Spirit Below” 

The video is currently sitting at 1,000,655,000 plays as of December 26. This total places it as the second most viewed ’90s music video on youtube. Only Guns N’ Roses’ “November Rain,” has more with nearly 1.3 Billion views to date. The next 90’s video to break the threshold will be The Cranberries “Zombie,” which currently needs only 200,000 more plays to reach the 1 billion mark. 

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