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Norwegian Artist Nils Bech Shares Full Album ‘Foolish Heart’ [Listen]

Stepping out of the frame with something complex yet theatrical, Nils Bech emerges with his latest album, Foolish Heart. The Norwegian artist has made his mark in Norwegian pop culture as not just a singer, but also a performance artist and collaborator.

When listening to Nils Bech‘s thoughts in Foolish Heart, you can feel his emotions in each and every song, especially in “Why,” which he explains further: ”“Why” is about hiding the scars from my past, dealing with them by sealing them instead of addressing them and how that affected my relationship.” 

As a LGBTQ artist in Norway, Bech shares his feelings as a means of communication and to share with others that they are not alone. He also addresses the toxic climate in European countries about being a gay artist, saying that even if you “relax for 15 minutes, you’re back at the start.” Now is not the time to be quiet.

Give Foolish Heart a listen below:

“Eight years love left in me, eight years gone now he’s free, foolish heart.. It’s the end, it’s the end, can you love me again? Foolish Heart is the first piece of lyrics I wrote after my relationship ended after eight years. I guess the song speaks for itself.”

– Bech

Featured image via artist.

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