Volac Reveals Diverse Two-Track EP on AC Slater's Night Bass [Interview]

Volac Reveals Diverse Two-Track EP on AC Slater’s Night Bass [Interview]

Right on the heels of kicking off their North American Tour, Russian house duo Volac dropped their Funky EP today on AC Slater’s Night Bass.

Signature of both the label and Volac‘s diverse sound, the two-track banger pulls inspiration from bass house, tech house, and more to create a well-rounded EP. And trust us when we say it bumps.

Funky,” the title track, quickly builds with smacking snares layered over a thumping bassline before plunging into a consistent and driving drop, making it the perfect go-to bass house jam. The second track, “Bass So Low,” invades listener’s ears with hard-hitting hi-hats, a catchy vocal and grooving bass that is sure to make any house lover want to dance.

Stream the Funky EP on Soundcloud:

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To coincide with the EP release, Volac began their “Funky” North American Tour this week at La Cave in Costa Mesa, California. The tour will be touching down at six locations throughout this month, one being the inaugural AMF Friendship Festival next week.

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Prior to the release, River Beats got the chance to chat with Volac about their story, the Funky EP, their tour and more. Read the full interview below!

RB: Was there something that inspired you guys to start making music?

Volac: “We both have been following electronic dance music since 2004. Lots of producers would make great tracks, some of them using organ bass. For example, the same organ bass that was used in “Worldwide Heat (Show Me Love),” and that sound inspired us a lot. We tried to find that bass in different sequencers so when we finally did it was the best day of our life and we started to make some tracks using that sound.”

Is there an artist or two in specific that were influential?

“We used to listen to different genres of electronic music. Sasha was following more deep stuff, like Solomun and Pan Pot. And I used to listen to more EDM like Avicii and Arty. So after a while, we combined our taste in music and created our own style.”

What led you guys to start making bass house?

“We are always searching for a new sound, that’s why we tried to produce bass house as well. We love that genre, but we actually try to combine different genres in our tracks. Sometimes it can be bass house with breaks or tech house with bass house, so then it sounds unique.”

You just kicked off your 2018 North American tour…What are you most excited about?

“We are really excited about the Friendship festival in December. We also just played a few gigs with Dr.Fresch in Texas, it was sick! Night Bass shows with the mates AC Slater and Phlegmatic Dogs in the end of December is going to be lit. The whole tour is going to be awesome!”

What is your favorite thing about touring?

“Our favorite thing about touring is definitely meeting with new people, especially our fans which we really respect! Also, we love traveling and visiting new places!”

Do you have a favorite memory from being on tour?

“We have so many cool stories, but the most interesting story was when I had a fight with Sasha and we kicked each other in the face. The next day, we went to perform in different cities with bruises, it was a shame!”

Your guys’ Funky EP was released today on Night Bass… From the sound the EP, there are a lot of different inspirations – from house, bass house, g house and more. What inspired this diverse EP?

“Yeah, exactly! We always try to combine different genres in one track, this is what we believe makes us unique. We are so proud of our track ‘Funky’, we made it in Australia before EDC Las Vegas, so EDC is what Inspired us to make this EP”

Do you have other news or new music fans can look forward to?

“Yeah for sure, the next year will be full with new releases. We are going to release our remix for LO’99 sometime early in the year – that remix is sick. You will also hear our collab with Maximono, which we called- “Charmain.” It will be released on This Ain’t Bristol. We are also working on our debut EP on This Ain’t Bristol, and we hope you will hear it ASAP.”

The VOLACAST is very unique. I mean, what other podcast has a cartoon video intro to go along with it? What made you guys want to start a podcast?

“Our podcast is really the only podcast that has interesting content like cartoon characters, and that’s what makes it unique. We were thinking about a podcast a for a long time. A simple 1-hour mixtape with a cover is just not what’s interesting for people right now, that is why we came up with the idea to combine music and cool cartoons with famous guests to catch the attention of fans.”

Watch & Stream the Most Recent Volacast Below:

What is one or two things you guys would like your fans to know about your music?

“Sometimes we cut some phrases from interviews on YouTube and make tracks with it. We cut some phrases from the ASAP Rocky interview two years ago and then we made two tracks using it. First track was ‘F*** The Music.'”

Last one just for fun….If you could pick anyone, what is your dream collaboration?

“We would like to collab with Chris Lorenzo and Chris Lake because they know how to make something interesting.”

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