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Nicopop & Kyan Palmer Team Up for R&B and Pop-Infused Hit ‘Unofficial Lover’ [Listen]

We’re entering a new realm of music coverage here on River Beats, and it’s about time! Passionate R&B artist Kyan Palmer joined up with the bubbly Nicopop for a showcase of both artist’s talents. The track, titled “Unofficial Lover,” explores the ins and outs of heartbreak. The bittersweet experience once may experience on the battlefield of love.

The two never planned on creating music together, until one day they realized they actually did make something special. In an exclusive with Atwood Magazine, Palmer tells them:

“I have worked with a ton of extremely talented people during my short time living in LA, but I still hadn’t found someone who really understood the kind of music I wanted to make… until one random session led me to nicopop. […] “Unofficial Lover” is our first single because it represents our stories and our two styles coming together to make something new. I am so excited for everyone to hear chapter one of Kyan & nicopop.” – Palmer

Looks like more is to come from this duo, and we can’t wait!

Give “Unofficial Lover” a listen below:

Featured image via artists. 

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