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NICOLAS Takes Listeners on a ‘Test Drive’ With First Solo Single Release

Unveiling a brand new project is electronic producer NICOLAS and the release of his first solo single ever, “TEST DIRVE.” Synthwave/retrowave beats lead this track, with an infusion of indie-R&B male vocals.

Listen to “TEST DRIVE” below:

With more music scheduled throughout the remaining months of 2020 and an upcoming EP that will, in part, be revealing new music works and more, the future will certainly be defining.

“My name is NICOLAS, when I’m thinking about my life and when I see the world, I’m feeling nostalgic. Even if I’m part of what they call generation Z, I miss the world of my parents. Relationships have changed, the world has changed, love has changed and people forget to feel. I’m thankful for internet’s ability to remind me of my friends’ birthday, to put my music online in few minutes, to remind me where I was last year on the same day and to have a better memory than I really have but internet isn’t able to remind me how I felt today, when I released my first project or when I met you.”

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