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Nick Murphy Brings Back Chet Faker Moniker After 5-Year Hiatus

Earlier this week, Australian singer-songwriter Nick Murphy hinted that he would be reviving his moniker Chet Faker, after dropping it in 2016. He made a brand new Twitter and tweeted the below message with this date.

“Low” is a mellow and heavily instrumental-influenced track, and is aptly-named for the times, because we’re all feeling a little low right now.

In a previous interview with NME in 2016, Chet Faker explained that he when he started Chet Faker it was “always a project.” At that point in 2016, it had been half a decade and had become his entire life, instead of just simply feeling like a project. There is no word or explanation as to why he decided to revive the moniker, but we are excited for what more is to come as this release follows alongside a signing to music group BMG.

Featured image via PRESS.

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