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New York Producers Musa & Gilletary Step Into ‘Wonderland’ [Listen]

From Buschwick to Belarus, the landscape of electronic music continues to show no boundaries while still having its artistic limits expanded.

Moses Freigh, better known as Musa is no exception. This creative Brooklynite’s newest track is full of high-intensity synth APRs, a wondrous atmosphere, and Heavy 808’s. A vibe in the simplest of terms.

“Wonderland,” Musa’s upcoming collab single with Gilletary proves to be their “most ambitious, & exciting track yet.”

The end product of these two transcendent artists is a result of iron sharpening iron. Musa remarks  “It was really cool to see us bringing out the most forward-thinking sound design from each other.”

“Wonderland” illuminates the promising potential of one of New York’s best electronic producers.

Listen to “Wonderland” below.

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