New Music Friday: TYNAN, Habstrakt, Elohim, SLANDER, Boombox Cartel & More
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New Music Friday: TYNAN, Kaskade, Elohim, SLANDER, Boombox Cartel & More

This is starting to be my favorite article each and every weekAs a company, our main goal is to find some of the new and hottest singles, albums, and EP’s each and every week. Today is no different. The dance music industry loves Fridays and so do we! So dive into the best releases from a busy busy Friday! 

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Elohim – Braindead (Album)

Valentino Khan – Pony 


Boombox Cartel & MadeinTYO – NEW WHIP 

TYNAN & G-Rex – Doughboi 

Kaskade – Redux 003 (Album)

SLANDER (ft. Dylan Mathew) – Love Is Gone

Habstrakt – Control 



Major Lazer – Can’t Take It From Me 

Vanic – Save Yourself 

Medasin – Always Afternoon


Fisher – You Little Beauty 


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