Mid-Week Madness featuring Madeon, CharlestheFirst, & More

Every week, there’s always some gems that slip between the cracks. It’s hard staying on top of all the new music, but someone has to do it! With that in mind, we are introducing this week’s Mid-Week Madness series, a new one that will be hitting you all Wednesday/Thursday bi-weekly with some of our favorite releases that we might have missed the first time around.

Check out some of the new releases below:

This one is fresh on Spotify today! The young French producer Madeon announced his forthcoming album, Good Faith, earlier this year. “Be Fine” is one of the first singles off the album.

Mel Ody ft. Like Lions – “Drowning”

Mel Ody is a name that might sound familiar if you’ve been following River Beats for a while. We’re big fans of the Greece-based producer and DJ with his future bass revival vibes. You’ll become entranced by this one.

CharlestheFirst – No Dimmer

Yesterday, Charlesthefirst unleashed a 6-track EP titled No Dimmer. The young experimental producer has developed a unique danceable style steeped in dreaminess and pyschedelia.

Said the Sky, Dabin, & Olivver the Kid – “Hero”

Said the Sky has joined forces with Dabin and Olivver the Kid for a slow, vocal-focused track. Towards the end, Dabin’s signature guitar riffs peek through

Arty Ziff – “Fall Into You” (Price Park remix)

Fresh off the acclaimed release of “Rise,” Melbourne producer Price Park combines forces with long-time collaborator Arty Ziff for an emphatic spin on his latest release “Fall Into You.”

Emerson Leif – “Wake Up With you”

Wake Up With You” is an expression of how life-giving a significant person’s presence in your day can be. To reach out from a dreamscape of sleep and feel the touch of a familiar hand. The seemingly simple experience of waking up next to someone that ‘just gets you’ is in itself both cathartic and regenerative.”–Emerson Leif

Nia Wyn – “Stay In Your Lane”

This is one that dropped late September, but we just stumbled upon it. Safe to say we love it. For those that are fans of powerful female vocals, Nia Wyn will fill your soul.

Featured image: CharlestheFirst, Madeon, Nia Wyn

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