New Music You Need in Your Life ft. Blonde Maze, Bob Moses, Zhu & More
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New Music You Need in Your Life ft. Blonde Maze, Bob Moses, Zhu & More

Shout out to all the people filling our cups with music amid a pandemic. Without live events, music fans really only have one way to consume music now: at home. It’s been a strange transition and time these past few months, but we’re grateful that artists are continuing to make amazing electronic/pop/indie music, including some of the awesome artists we have featured below!

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from the week below:

Kito + Zhu ft. Jeremih – “Follow”

Bob Moses

Bob Moses – “The Blame”

Blonde Maze

Blonde Maze – “Now All Flowers Bloom”


Briskey – “Mesmerizing”


PINK MATTER – “You’ll Never Know”

Suniel Fox & Henry Strange

Suniel Fox + Henry Strange –
Revolution (The Remixes)


DabinWild Youth (Acoustic)

St. Valentine – St Valentine




ALRT ft. Monika Santucci – “Dive Into You”

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