New Funky Diplo Side Project in the Works for 2018 Governors Ball

The Governors Ball lineup released yesterday, and it includes something that many haven’t seen before: a performance from Silk City. The intriguing name is actually a collaboration between Diplo and “Uptown Funk” producer Mark Ronson. Both will join forces to create some funky music not only for this event, but for 2018 in general.

The two may not be as random of a duo as it seems. In an interview with GQ magazine last year, Diplo stated that the two were close friends. Talks of a collab album were also mentioned, something similar as Diplo did with Skrillex for Jack U.

Ronson’s list of works range far and wide from Bruno Mars to vocalists like Stevie Wonder. The two producers undoubtedly will work to create something that others are terming a “disco” music collaboration. No one knows what the two have in store for this performance. It will be an interesting show though, to say the least!

You can purchase tickets for the event here. 



C/C & featured photo: This Song is Sick

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