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River Beats Premiere: Need For Mirrors Drops ‘Dummy’ via ProgRAM [Listen]

Roughly a year ago, Need For Mirrors’Veto EP was released via ProgRAM. Need For Mirrors now returns to the label with Royal Blood, a four-track EP that takes a “progressive leap” from Veto.

“Dummy” combines twinkling pluck synths, swelling dirty bass lines, and shuffling rhythms. Spanning nearly five minutes, the track’s lush atmospheres transport listeners through the cosmos. Need For Mirrors clearly displays his ability to evoke emotion through progression and arrangement, expounding on his considerable body of work.

New Zealand-born, London-based Joe Moses initiated the launch of the Need For Mirrors project in 2010. This led to the establishment of his own label, Zoltar, shortly thereafter. Considering his arsenal of a discography, as well as his role in the founding of Soul In Motion, the detail-oriented artist confirms his reputation for providing prolific works.

Listen to “Dummy” below: 

Lastly, check out other streaming methods for the Royal Blood EP here.

Featured image via artist. 

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