Nashville-Based Producer Sintra Releases Debut Single "Break"
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Nashville-Based Producer Sintra Releases Debut Single “Break” [Listen]

Nashville based DJ and Producer Sintra releases his debut original single titled “Break.”

Nashville based DJ and Producer Dennis Mongan, aka Sintra, got his first taste of electronic music while at Bonnaroo music festival in TN. Shortly after that experience, curiosity led him to discover Ableton and he’s been working on music ever since. Taking a different approach to music creation Sintra began to experiment and take inspiration from a wide variety of sources and scenes distilling his sound into a bold bass heavy style of his own.

His single “Break” is his debut original single and it’s an impressive piece of music that will likely intrigue a lot of new listeners. This is only the beginning for Sinatra and his horizon is looking very bright if his output continues to be as bold and catchy as “Break”.

“Break is about being caught in a bad romance. There’s frustration but there comes a point when you decide to stop caring and just enjoy yourself. That’s the energy I wanted to capture.”Sintra

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