NASAYA Delivers Groovy Goodness on 'PLASTIC STRAW' [Listen]

NASAYA Delivers Groovy Goodness on 'PLASTIC STRAW' [Listen]

Berklee College of Music Graduate NASAYA is laying the foundation for a new kind of electronica with his newest single, “PLASTIC STRAW.” This latest collaboration with Tim Atlas is the third release in a string of singles leading up to his forthcoming EP.

With a unique background growing up in a French island located near Madagascar, NASAYA draws influence from his homestead to create a sound that pulls from a vast spectrum including jazz, electronic, pop, and classic rock.

“PLASTIC STRAW” with singer/songwriter Tim Atlas is a groovy good time filled with retro synths and guitar plucks. This release is the lead single to his forthcoming EP, giving fans an exciting look into what more is to come from NASAYA.

Give “PLASTIC STRAW” a listen below:

“I wrote this song with Tim in July and it all came together super quickly. I was listening to a lot of classic 2000-2010’s records such as Phoenix, Daft Punk or Jungle at the time and that inspired the production decisions. I think it’s a slight departure from my usual style especially in terms of arrangement – Here the chorus ‘climax’ is achieved mostly with the hook vocals rather than making it all about the production or a ‘drop’ – That gave me more musical freedom for the outro of the song and I feel like it gives it an interesting flow.”

Give more of his work a listen below:

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