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ICYMI: ‘CIEL’ by NASAYA [Listen]


Last week, producer and multi-instrumentalist NASAYA released his newest single “CIEL” via foreign family collective. It’s an amazingly layered experimental electronic track that showcases a new creative side to the producer. With a dash of guitar, an upbeat summery-fused groove, a slow build until a minute in, “CIEL” will turn you into a NASAYA fan — if his previous releases haven’t already.

He explains that he found himself inspired for this track by living in Europe where he was “influenced by music like garage/breakbeat, jungle, techno, etc…” Some of those elements come into play here in “CIEL” and on purpose – writing music on his own is him “going back to [his] “roots” in a way.”

Check out “CIEL” below:

About Nasaya

Berklee College Of Music graduate and multi-hyphenate musician and producer NASAYA brings a refreshing perspective to the electronic music landscape. Born and raised by the way of Reunion Island – a French island in the Indian ocean – NASAYA grew up speaking French and Creole splitting his time between surfing island waves and drawing inspiration from classic rock icons like Led Zeppelin and Nirvana. At 12 years old, NASAYA picked up the guitar and hasn’t put it down since. Inspired by the breeze and easy-going nature of his homeland, NASAYA’s signature style borrows from jazz, experimental dance music, hip-hop, pop, and classic rock.

“‘CIEL’ marks a bit of a departure from music I previously released. I moved from the US to Paris in 2020 and the change of scenery kind of changed the way I write music and how I wanted this project to evolve. Also, being stuck at home for these 2 years it made sense to write music all by myself. The track is definitely ‘clubbier’/darker than what I previously released – living in Europe for the first time I started being more influenced by music like garage/breakbeat, jungle, techno etc.. […] The song can have different meanings, for me, it captures the melancholic and introspective state of mind that I was feeling at the time — ‘CIEL’ means ‘Sky’ in french.” – NASAYA

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