Naomi Wild Reveals Her Debut Music Video for 'Howlin' [Watch]

Naomi Wild Reveals Her Debut Music Video for ‘Howlin’ [Watch]

Naomi Wild is an artist who continues to prove herself repeatedly against the rest. Her voice is unmistakable, her style oozes from head to toe. At the beginning of this month, the growing songwriter and vocalist debuted her first single since “Higher Ground” with ODESZA blew up. “Howlin'” is a mix between light and dark with her vocals immediately drawing listeners in.

“‘Howlin’ is about the ‘chase.’ When you want someone with every bone in your body, but the social norm is to act like you’re too cool to care. It’s almost frowned upon to show too much feeling. Putting out this record is the first time I feel like I can say honestly that I’m ready – I don’t feel as lost as I did before and I’m starting to get really excited that it’s finally starting to bloom in my music.” -Naomi Wild

Today, Naomi is continuing the momentum with the release of her first music video ever for “Howlin'”. Everything about it from her outfits to the dancers perfectly fits the video, which debuted via Vevo. 

Give it a watch/listen below:


Howlin’ (Official Video) by Naomi Wild on VEVO.

Featured image via artist page. 

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