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Mura Masa Drops two Infectious New Singles In One Day [Listen Here]

Seems like we might get Mura Masa’s whole album single by single prior to the legitimate release of his upcoming album.

The ultimate vibe creator has been releasing collective singles over a three month span: “Around The World” (ft. Desiigner), “1 Night” (ft Charli XCX), “Blu” (ft. Damon Albarn), and “Second 2 None” (ft. Christine and the Queens). His latest two releases, titled “Nuggets” (ft Bonzai) and “helpline” (ft. Tom Tripp) stray from the poppy, optimistic sounds of singles like “1 Night” and showcase a completely different side to the producer.

“Nuggets” touches on the self-induced feeling of love one may experience with fluctuating levels of oxytocin. “helpline” brings the listener back to reality with a dance-y little groove. Both tracks stray from the original song that brought fame to Mura Masa: “Love$ick”.

Mura Masa’s self-titled LP will be released in a week and fans are excited to see the whole masterpiece combined. The transition of his sound is evident and to view the final product will be extremely rewarding for both fans and Mura Masa himself.

Give the newest singles a listen below.

Featured photo by Jim Vondruska.

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