Mothica Drops Stellar 'Ashes' Remix Pack Feat. Bronze Whale & More [Listen]
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Mothica Drops Stellar 'Ashes' Remix Pack Feat. Bronze Whale & More [Listen]

singer/songwriter Mothica released a new remix pack for her breakout EP Ashes, featuring remixes from Bronze Whale, Synchronice, and more.

Singer-songwriter Mothica’s 2018 sensational release Ashes showcased the New-York based artist’s evolution after her breakout 2017 EP Heavy Heart. To kick off 2019, she dropped a remix EP with five new takes on the EP that put it in a whole new light.

Mothica’s addictive warm vocals and atmospheric production shine on the seven-track EP. The remix package reimagines Ashes across soul, hybrid trap, and future bass, each paying homage to Mothica’s pop roots. Speaking on the releases from Bronze Whale, Synchronice, Sleeping Lion, Out There, and Purfakt, Mothica explains,

“I love remixes because they can completely alter the emotional impact of a song. I kept the original production of Ashes true to the lyrics, avoiding many electronic elements like chorus drops and vocal chops in exchange for analog instruments and my own personal sample library.


But when it came to the remixes, I hoped to hear each song in a new light so I asked the producers to experiment and take the songs somewhere else completely. I’m really happy with the five remixes and some I think are catchier than the original! The most surprising remix was one by my friends Sleeping Lion. I love it so much I might start playing their version live at shows.”-Mothica

Check out the Ashes remix EP from Mothica below and let us know what you think!

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