MORiLLO Discusses His Debut LP 'Colibri,' Time in Peru, + More [Premiere +Interview]

Inspired by fresh world beats, electronic producer MORiLLO is happy to present his debut LP to the world out everywhere today: Colibri. Colibri is a 10-track project that features organic instrumental elements ranging from flutes to saxophones intertwined with deep 808s and synths, the perfect combination. Rising above and beyond, MORiLLO proves he is a force to be reckoned with.

Give Colibri a listen below before diving in further:

Through the duration of Colibri, MORiLLO explains that he worked on the album in the Sacred Valley of Peru, about 2 hours from Cusco. He wanted a “musical retreat of sorts” and Peru seemed like just the place where he wanted to go. “I wanted to have an experience of being in a beautiful and natural place with the intention to have the time and space to dive deep into creating the next wave of music for my project, and the situation I found myself in down there was truly nothing short of a fairly tale,” he explains.

“Everyday I worked on music surrounded by incredibly beautiful valley mountains that were littered with the remains of ancient Incan terraces, adorable and friendly animals, humming birds, and fresh locally grown foods. It was a paradise. I am very grateful.”

– MORiLLO on working in peru

Stepping back from society was extremely important during the creation of the album. His primarily home base in Los Angeles was definitely not ideal when working to create something influential. “The stresses of everyday city life like battling traffic and parking, loud city sounds, and angry people can make it hard to find a creative flow on a daily basis,” he says. “Being able to wake up and just jump right in to the flow allowed for so much more music to be made.  Also, when I needed a break, I could just walk outside and marvel at all the natural beauty I was surrounded by.”

Of the 10 tracks on the album, he explains that he has two favorite songs, which you should definitely give a listen to: “Booty” and “Fire Burn” featuring Ulula Roots. Ulula Roots is an MC couple that raps in both English and Spanish, which is pretty amazing. They all collaborated on the last day of his trip in Peru and created the tune.

“‘Booty’ is just a really magical tune with its minimalistic style and swagger, and “Fire Burn” is special because it’s a collaboration with some new friends I made while in Peru, and I feel it captures the essence of my time down there.”

on his favorite songs from the album
Check out some of the other questions we had for him below:
Hi MORiLLO! Thanks for chatting with us on River Beats. Congrats on the release of your debut LP, Colibri. How does it feel to have that out into the world?

MORiLLO: “Hey guys!  Thank you so much for supporting the release of Colibri. Having this project finally out in the world feels amazing and surreal!  It’s been months and months of hard work editing tunes, mixing tunes, crippling self doubt, worry, preparation, re-inspiration, travel, money spending, art creation, video creation, and overall anticipation leading up to this day so all thats left to do is share it with the world.  There can be a lot of anxiety around how your art will be thought of so I am doing my best keeping those types of thoughts out of my head!”

How old were you when you first started playing around with music? At what age did you decide “hey, I want to make a career out of this?”

M: “I was about 7 years old when I first started playing the drums, and mainly focused on honing my drumming skills all the way through performing arts high school and the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami.  I always felt confident on the drums and loved music so I never really thought about doing anything else.

While in high school I was introduced to the world of electronic music composition and really fell in love.  I never stopped making music on my computer since then, but did it as more of a secret hobby.  This turned into a career choice after attending Ultra Music Festival in 2012, where I had my mind blown by all the classic dubstep producers coming up at the time (Caspa, Rusko, Benga, Bassnectar, etc).  This inspired me to take my music production serious and try to make a career out of that as well. At the time, I didn’t really know that people were having success making this style of music.”

You’ve achieved some pretty awesome things in your career so far since launching the MORiLLO project in 2014. What goals do you have that you’d like to accomplish next?

M: “Hey, thanks! Yes, I will always continue playing drums as it’s my original passion.  I’m currently playing for some amazing artists at the moment, Rhye and Groundation.  I’d say that my next goal is to really bring my original music to more people.  I want to establish myself as a musical force on my own and be able to tour and play more shows under my MORiLLO project.  That’s the dream.”

What’s one word to describe your music?

M: “Flowing”

And lastly, any parting words for those reading this?

M: “You are great and I hope that my story inspires you to go for what you want in this life.  Get it while its hot! Thank you!”

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