Moonray Release Shimmery Love Song 'Come Away' [River Beats Premiere]

Moonray Release Shimmery Love Song 'Come Away' [River Beats Premiere]

Moonray, an Austin, TX-based duo, are back with their second release ever, a shimmery new single titled “Come Away.” The synth-pop duo are creating their own lane when it comes to music, incorporating the infectious synth vibes that exploded in the 80’s, along with live instrumentals and “free-spirited 70’s vibes.”

Give “Come Away” a listen below:

Moonray, comprised of Jonray and Barbara, bring both of their unique talents to the duo. Jonray is a multi-instrumentalist, where Barbara utilizes her love of theater to “create freely and without limits.” And to add to the mix, the two are actually a real-life couple, including bits and pieces from their life together, and their individual experiences to create the Moonray sound.

Stay tuned for more from the duo as they continue to work on their debut album: Digital Moon, completely self-produced and recorded by the two. “Come Away” is a peek of what’s to come as they have been tirelessly working for over three years to perfect the album.

“For us, it’s an ultimate love song. The many things we’ve gone through together, the many things lovers go through together and continue to stay strong. It’s about being there in times of darkness and holding a light out for each other to make it back home.”


Featured image by Taylor Prinsen Photography.

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