Tech House Newcomers Money Money Share Dynamic Debut 'Spend It' [Listen]
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Tech House Newcomers Money Money Share Dynamic Debut ‘Spend It’ [Listen]

This latest release from newcomer house duo Money Money has us missing packed dance floors and pounding bass. Sampling a bit of Fergie’s famous lyrics in “My Humps,” “Spend It” is a fun and dynamic debut single for Money Money, comprised of Andrew and Graydon. “Nothing beats the way dance music feels, and we love being a part of that.” Allow Money Money’s sound to take you on a journey to house, techno, funk, jazz and disco.

House music duo Money Money is known for their promiscuously energetic sound and their pulsating, lustrous bass. Growing up in NYC, surrounded by nightlife, inspired by artists like Justice, Armand Van Helden, Daft Punk,andBoys Noize, it wasn’t long before they strived to be the ones creating the sound that kept the party going all through the night.

“Theres no better way for us to introduce ourselves than with the pulsating baseline in ‘Spend It.’ We channeled our love for the raw energy of house music into this track, and we are thrilled for this release that represents the beginning of this new musical journey.”

– Money Money

Featured image via artist. 

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