Listen to MitiS' Powerful, Melodic Debut Album 'Til the End'
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Listen to MitiS’ Powerful, Melodic Debut Album ‘Til the End’

The release of MitiS’ debut album is long overdue. The project was meant to be released sooner, but after hours of painstaking care and effort were dedicated to its completion, the artist’s hard drive unexpectedly crashed. Everything was lost.

With a new feeling of drive and creative inspiration, he started back at square one. It’s one year later, he’s moved on from the creative loss, and he’s finally ready.

‘Til the End is MitiS’ – Joseph Torre’s – first full-length album. Originally a classical piano player, Torre showcases his composition chops on the 11-track debut. He’s produced his special brand of melodic, piano-based bass music for nearly eight years. His debut album comes out via the Seeking Blue label, also home to melodic powerhouses Illenium and Seven Lions.

The opening title track is a relaxing, ambient primer for all the feel-good energy to follow. The album’s leading single, “By My Side,” is a slow build to a victorious crescendo of wobbles and pleading vocals from Tedy. Using a variety of guest singers, instrumental interludes and melodic hooks, MitiS creates a perfect, upbeat and freshly spring album.

From the club-ready dance hits “Away” and “Reconnect,”  to the smoother, hypnotic tones of “Moments,” and the drum and bass influence on “Embers,” ‘Til the End is crafted like a sweet journey, coaxing listeners up mountain peaks and through lazy fields of grass, dancing all the way.

Five years ago, MitiS wasn’t entirely sure he could write and make an album. Now he’s done it – twice over. He’s since said losing his album the first time was a secret blessing. It gave him room to grow, and it gives the finished product a sonic depth and complexity that he never imagined. From highs to lows, ‘Til the End is definitely a debut that Joseph Torre can be proud to stand by.

Give the masterpiece a listen below.

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