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Minnesota Drops Mind-Bending ‘Curio’ EP on Liquid Stranger’s Label Wakaan

After years of touring and multiple EP’s, Minnesota continues to redefine the standards of bass music. 

The West Coast artist just dropped his 5-track EP Curio on Liquid Stranger‘s Wakaan label. The label is home to acts like Space Jesus, Bleep Bloop, Freddy Todd, and Esseks. 

Why do we like it?!

If you are into weird, wonky bass music, then this EP is made for you. Featuring pounding drums, raw dubstep, and heavy synths, Curio shows a new side of Minnesota. This EP breaks away from previous shimmery tracks, and moves more towards the experimental sounds Wakaan fans love.

So, enjoy your weekend with some new music from one of the OG’s Minnesota.

Stream Curio in its fullest below!

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