Rome in Silver + Walker & Royce Recruited for Mindchatter Remix Pack [Listen]
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Rome in Silver + Walker & Royce Recruited for Mindchatter Remix Pack [Listen]

mindchatter rome in silver remix

Mindchatter has recruited the musical talents of both Rome in Silver and Walker & Royce for their takes on tracks from mindchatter’s 2020 album imaginary audience. Rome in Silver’s remix of “Night Goggles” is more electro-pop oriented where Walker & Royce’s take on “Language” intertwines the duo’s signature heavy house beats.

Rome in Silver

Rome In Silver is the first to kick off a string of remixes from the album. Named r/electronicmusic’s Breakout Artist of 2020, Rome In Silver delivers a lush, upbeat rendition of the original.


“The contrast of sounds and ideas in Mindchatter’s music was something I was drawn to, and Night Goggles was the song I immediately knew I could put a fun spin on.”

Walker & Royce

Mindchatter enlisted Walker & Royce for the next round of remixes. Walker & Royce make a splash with their dual renditions. The main remix is sure to please fans of Walker & Royce’s one of a kind house sound, while the “Sunday Afternoon” edit tones things down just a couple of notches for winding down your weekends (or kicking off those 4 AM mornings).

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