Foreign Family Collective's Newest Artist Mild Minds Shines With Debut EP 'Swim' [Listen]
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Foreign Family Collective’s Newest Artist Mild Minds Shines With Debut EP ‘Swim’ [Listen]

Mild Minds released his stellar three-track EP Swim today on Odesza‘s Foreign Family Collective (“FFC”), marking the artist’s debut project to reach airwaves.

Before an official announcement via Foreign Family Collective‘s Twitter in late September, information on Mild Minds was scarce at best. In the days following, curious fans came up short in their search for answers. With just a few cryptic photos and no official releases, the newest FFC addition remained a quiet mystery until the release of his debut EP Swim.

As it turns out, Mild Minds is the newest solo project of Miami Horror originator Benjamin Plant. With Mild Minds, the producer fuses the best characteristics of the beloved synth-pop project and indie-house. The result is pure magic. Plant’s layered vocal lines sit atop a bevy of danceable synths and 4-on-the-floor percussion. Falling somewhere on the spectrum between artists like Elderbrook, Hayden James, and Aussie label-mates Rufus Du Sol, Mild Minds manages to stand out with a fresh melodic indie-inspired sound.

After a moment of clarity on a recent trip to Japan, Plant explained of the new project:

“I wanted to do something that was completely ‘me’ at that moment. After being used to working with songs that had elaborate visions over long periods of time, it was nice to make music simply as it came out. Without overthinking it, without pausing or questioning the process like I was used to.”
Mild Minds via Facebook

Swim communicates that sentiment effectively; it is lush and upbeat, yet introspective and organic. At just three songs in length, the EP is enticing enough to keep us wanting more. Until then, Swim will undoubtedly be on repeat.


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