Mikey Lion & Sacha Robotti Collab in Tech Tune 'Do or Die' [Listen]

Mikey Lion & Sacha Robotti Collab in Tech Tune ‘Do or Die’ [Listen]

Off of his forthcoming album due next month, Mikey Lion collaborates with Sacha Robotti for latest release “Do Or Die.”It’s made for the dancefloor and offers something completely different than its preceding single, speaking to the range listeners can expect when the Desert Hearts boss’ debut longform arrives in April.”

A dancefloor beat kicks off the track as the track builds while interspersing some vocal chops. This track takes a different direction compared to Lion’s previous single release, “Above the Clouds.” Give both a listen below:

Lion’s upcoming album, For The Love, is a sonic depiction of his musical journey, from his beginnings to now – “a near decade-long saga marked by questioning and connectivity, the highs and lows of pursuing your passion, and a portrait of an artist searching for something more. At the center of it all is love, and finding life’s purpose.”

Stay tuned for the album, due April 28.

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