Mikey Lion and RYBO of Desert Hearts Premiere 'B.O.B.B.Y' [Must Listen] - River Beats Dance
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Mikey Lion and RYBO of Desert Hearts Premiere ‘B.O.B.B.Y’ [Must Listen]

Desert Hearts Records strikes again with an all-new EP release. Mikey Lion and RYBO, two integral members of the collective, team up to produce another sure hit. The B.O.B.B.Y. EP is the 26th release on the record label, and a welcome addition to its catalog.

B.O.B.B.Y. consists of two tracks, the original mix and a remixed version by Andreas Henneberg. Both versions consist of a brief buildup with a deep, thumping beat before taking off. Once it drops to the chorus, the producers add a gritty, sinister beat reminiscent of the Dirtybird sound.

“B.O.B.B.Y.” is sure to be a staple in DJ sets and party playlists. And did we mention that the EP is available as a free download? Follow the link HERE for the MP3 version. The WAV version is also available HERE.

Feature image courtesy of Desert Hearts Records.

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