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Mike Vallas Collaborates With Sandra Hesch on Latest Release [Listen]

With quite a few successful releases under his belt, Mike Vallas debuts his latest release “Singing for Days,” featuring Sandra Hesch. The addition of Hesch on vocals is the perfect touch to this laid-back track. He dabbles in the electronic-pop realm with this one; this is definitely something that one might hear on the radio one day!

Give “Singing for Days” a listen below:

Mike’s background in music goes back to his days growing up in a small village in upper Austria. There, he learned how to play the piano, trumpet, and drums. After he began to dive into electronic music, he incorporated his own vocals, “because there was no one else around where he was.” Though he started from a tiny town, he didn’t let that affect him in his journey to make beautiful music.

Featured image via artist.

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