Mike Mcfly Joins This Ain't Bristol With Hard-Hitting Three Track Debut [Interview]
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Mike McFly Joins This Ain't Bristol With Hard-Hitting Three Track Debut [Interview]

After receiving a set of demos alongside a 6-pack of Heineken from Dutch tech-house producer Mike McFly, This Ain’t Bristol couldn’t resist signing the up and comer.

This kind of innovation and quirkiness, both inside the studio and out, is ultimately what led to the German label signing him. And thus, the release of a banging two-track EP plus an additional record, “Choo Choo,” released for free.

Dropped on Friday, Freak Boiii/Golly Galore pays tribute to his late father Renzo, who continuously supported McFly’s music career. Melding classic house and current tech house sounds, the EP puts his talent for production on display.

First up on the release, “Freak Boiii” features sharp cymbals and stabbing bass to create the quintessential tech-house hitter. On the flip side, “Golly Galore” layers breathy synths and buzzing vocals over a spinning melody for a flowing groove. Also released separately as a free download, “Choo Choo” is a heavy cut of tech with an infectious melody and heavy, rolling bassline.

Stream the Entire Release Below:

Purchase the EP on Beatport here.

Before the release, McFly agreed to chat with River Beats about what inspired his music career, his journey thus far, the release and more. Read the entire interview below!

RB: When did you start producing and why?

MM: “I started producing a while ago. I was a big French house boy in the beginning. I was influenced by this guy who I met on vacation, who was a DJ and showed me how he made songs as well. He was in the French house scene, and logically, I started doing production in this genre as well.”

Are there any artists that have inspired you throughout your career?

“Many. Daft Punk, Patrick Alavi, and Laidback Luke were the ones that got me going at first. I remember the days where we used to be on Laidback Luke‘s forum. It was a breading ground for talent especially in the period I was active there. I was internet homies with a bunch of guys who became pretty successful like Afrojack, Maarten from Bingo Players and Bart B More. I think Steve Angello and Avicii were active on the forum at some point as well. It was a good learning experience for sure.

Right now I am influenced by guys like Weiss (UK), Maximono, Will Clarke and like 50 others. There is just so much dope house music coming out now.”

You’ve had recent releases on Dirtybird, Box of Cats, House of Hustle and many more. For an up and comer, that’s a seriously impressive resume. Tell me about how you landed such great labels so early in your career.

“I mean I always have the feeling that when you make sure your tunes make sense, labels will take a chance on newcomers once in a while. I think I have crafted my own style during these last two years, so it feels like I have my own voice in a way. I think that helps. But you know, networking is a as much a part of the game as the actual music making, so I don’t stray away from that.”

Your new EP on This Ain’t Bristol is great from beginning to end. Tell me a little about what inspired the release.

“Well, I have been a big fan of This Ain’t Bristol from like day one. I think their discography is almost impeccable. So, I wanted to make something that would stick with them, but would also be a good slice of what it is I do. I think we landed on that exactly with these three songs. For 2019, I aim to be somewhere in the middle of bass and tech house.”

What is something, in your opinion, that makes your sound standout?

“I try weird things, and I try to make it work. Bass is super important to me obviously. But being experimental between the lines of what is a marketable song – I think that is my strong suit, at least at the moment.”

Are there any other releases we can look forward to?

“Yes for sure. I have some big things lined up that I can’t talk about yet. I know that is such a cliche answer, but I don’t want to jump the gun on that. What I can confirm however are new releases on This Ain’t Bristol, Noir Sur Blanc, Strangelove Recordings and Box of Cats. I will be releasing a sample pack pretty soon as well. I had a ton of fun doing that. It’s packed with everything you need to produce a tech-y Bass House banger. I made sure of that.

Anything else you’d like to add?

“Yes! If anybody is interested – I teach house music production. I have been doing it for about a year now and I would still love to work with ambitious people who want to cut their learning curve by quite a bit. Visit realmikemcfly.com for more info.”

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