Mija's Vulnerable New Single 'Notice Me' is Finally Out
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Mija’s Vulnerable New Single ‘Notice Me’ is Finally Out

Mija just surprised everyone with a new single. Amber Giles, AKA Mija, prides herself in her “F***k a genre” motto. It seems as if every single or EP she produces is drastically different from the last. Mija has been teasing fans on Twitter since the end of last year about big plans for 2018.

“Notice Me” is her newest single following her last release, “Bad For U.” The new single is her most personal creation yet. It is backed by her own vocals. It has the tones of a soft lullaby and pulls away from her deep house style she has been using lately. Her new EP, How To Measure The Distance Between Lovers, will be out February 9th.

Over the years Mija has confessed that she used to feel immense pressure to create music that would get her headlining gigs and showcase her vast talent. However, this past year she has left those anxieties behind and begun to experiment and create a truly unique sound. If “Bad for U” and “Notice Me” are a just a sneak peek of what is to come, Amber Giles is most definitely a producer to watch out for this year.

Check out “Notice Me”  below and let us know what you think!

Feature image courtesy of Ronnie Loyd.

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