Mielo Flips The Chainsmokers' 'Side Effects' In Upbeat Electro Remix [Listen]
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Mielo Flips The Chainsmokers’ ‘Side Effects’ In Upbeat Electro Remix [Listen]

Mielo boosts the tempo and adds a signature melodic touch in his high-energy remix of The Chainsmokers’ and Emily Warren’s hit single Side Effects.

“Side Effects,” the opening track of The Chainsmokers‘ sophomore LP, showed off the funky side of the duo’s pop-friendly productions. The aggressive bassline and powerful pianos matched Warren’s vocals to rhythmic perfection, creating a club-ready summer hit. Chicago-based producer Mielo saw the opportunity to build on the duo’s 4-on-the-floor effort with an elaborate and expansive soundscape.

With illustrious leads and dramatic percussion, Mielo brings the house-pop track into the electronic realm. Mielo’s rework adds a mystifying element to Warren’s verses before breaking into the chorus with an expertly chopped vocal topline. The remix maintains the original’s rhythmic allure while supplementing the vocals with melodic backing in all the right places.

This release builds on the momentum of Mielo’s recent moves, including a sync of his track “Surreal” in Netflix’s original series Atypical and a direct support spot for Kaskade at the Red Bull Air Race in October.

Check out the track below and stay tuned for more from Mielo!

Photo: Mike Defilippis

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