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Mielo & Align Unleash Massive New Single ‘All in Our Eyes’ [Listen]

Up-and-coming artists Mielo and Align bring together their vibrant sonic worlds in their freshly-released collaboration, “All in Our Eyes”.

Chicago-based producers Mielo and Align each carved their own unique path in the electronic music scene over the past year or so “All in Our Eyes”, the premiere collaboration from the two, showcases just how well their distinct future-oriented sounds compliment each other.

Aggressive pulsing synths underlay the echoing melody, while Mielo’s signature drum fills and Align’s sparkling atmospheres and organic percussive accents combine to propel the track forward. Though this is the first release from Mielo and Align, the two are no strangers to drawing inspiration from each other, with Mielo adding:

“James (Align​) & I met freshman year while at rowing practice for The University of Iowa. I had already started learning how to produce music & James was a huge fan of downtempo electronic music, so he soon began to pursue music. We’ve
been friends ever since. We would always be sending each other tunes we were working on. Finally, this past August I asked him to send me a idea he never finished & it took me a day to turn it into what is now ‘All in Our Eyes​.” – Mielo

Carrying the momentum into this fall, you can catch Mielo opening for Porter Robinson at Prysm Nightclub in Chicago on October 28th (tickets here) and Align opening for Hayden James at The Mid in Chicago on October 19th (tickets here).

Check out “All in Our Eyes” below and let us know what you think!

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