Los Angeles Vocalist Midoca Shares Reflective 5 Track EP 'Dry The Rose' [Listen]

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on Not because my love for music has diminished, it’s more so because we are grinding hard on our New Orleans publication, and my attention has turned towards that. 

So I’m happy to get back to writing about my first pastime, music blogging. Today I’m focusing on Los Angles vocalist Midoca, who captured my attention with his latest EP, Dry The Rose. 

The Ep is a reflective & sincere piece of work that is an open testament to modern relationships and the struggles in conforming to them. This is easily Midoca’s most sonic work to date, and he gave us a great quote on what it took to make this EP a reality. 

“For so long, I made an identity out of the things in my life that I didn’t know how to change, I just became them. I felt like I was watching myself exist in a room but from behind the glass, like I was simply not there. I feel different now; better. I’m learning to let go and see the beauty of the things in the past.”Midoca

Lyrically, the EP stands as an explorative piece of different experiences with love and relationships. Midoca featured two singles “Dry The Rose” & “I Can’t Keep Up With You,” before releasing the full EP on mau5trap today! 

Stream Midoca’s full Dry The Rose EP below! 


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