Middlelands Might Be The Best Festival of 2017 [Must See]

Middlelands Might Be The Best Festival of 2017 [Must See]

Well, it’s official – Middlelands might just be the best festival of 2017.

Although the festival is only on day two, early reactions from fans is that of overall amazement.

Since its announcement last spring, Middlelands was by far the most hyped event coming into 2017. Festival OGs Insomniac Events and C3 Presents, the producers behind the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas and Chicago’s Lollapalooza, have delivered on what is sure to be a long-term project.

If you think about it, the theme of the festival makes complete sense. The festival is housed at the Texas Renaissance Fairgrounds. People love medieval-themed events – Americans officially eat that stuff up. So Middlelands seems like a no-brainer. It’s a festival that’s basically the first of its kind, mixing electronic dance music with a Renaissance/medieval theme.

But in a reality where festivals are disappearing by the year, only the creative and well-managed ones will survive. If you don’t want to take our word for it, ask around about the now-defunct TommorrowWorld, Counterpoint, Wakarusa, and of course this past week’s viral sensation Fyre Festival.

The lineup is ridiculously loaded, the stage production is out of this world, the characters seem straight out of a Disney movie, and the food fits the theme perfectly. In a age when Disney just entered the festival game, with the newly announced Electroland, Middlelands might have beat them to the punch by offering a similar experience with already-proven industry veterans.

Now, since we can’t be at Middlelands this weekend, we went ahead and got the next best thing – some of the best fan-made content you can find.

Take a look and see why you might need to make the trip to Todd Mission, Texas next year.

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📸: Jake West

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