metsa's 'What You Want' Brings Back Future-Bass Nostalgia Alongside Saint Claire

Out on Goldroom x RAC’s label Minerva is metsä and Saint Claire’s collaboration “What You Want.” Combining classic elements of the beloved future-bass genre with vocals from Saint Claire, the collaborative single is reminiscent of a dreamy indie-electronic wonderland, a nice escape from all that is going on around the globe.

Inspired by nature and the physical world around him, metsä explores this further “through the medium of musical production.” Since his 2017 debut, he has continued to build upon his discography with his inclination to intertwine piano and drums into his music. “What You Want” sees just that, with a more modern synthesized take.

Give “What You Want” a listen below:

Combined with Saint Claire’s higher-pitched vocals, this tune is exactly everything we want. In fact, metsä almost completely scrapped this track until Saint Clare put his spin to craft lyrics in front of his eyes and ears. 

“Having him [Saint Claire] write to what I was feeling while making this track made everything fall into place. ‘What You Want’  is a bookend of emotions, a start to an end.”


Featured image via Connor Jalbert Photography.

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