Mersiv, Laika Beats, & Knat Turner Debut on Wakaan With 'New Kids On Da Block' [PREMIERE]
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Mersiv, Laika Beats, & Knat Turner Debut on Wakaan With 'New Kids On Da Block' [PREMIERE]

Mersiv has dropped another much-anticipated track on Wakaan, smithed alongside the underrated Laika Beats and longtime vocal collaborator Knat Turner. 

The fiery young producer doesn’t appear to have slept this year. An all-out tear of festival appearances, after parties, and impressive releases (Digital Eden EP), have landed at a terrifying clip. Hungrier still, Mersiv’s shady maximalism is a collaborative hotbed with everyone from Jansten to sfam. You can see the connective tissue between his dark sound and other production styles, which is a mentality “New Kids on Da Block” takes to the extreme.

Knat Turner’s pitched verse is pleasantly laconic, spilling hazily over the introduction. He knows when to step back and use his voice as a texture, and when to let the syllables tumble.

When the track kicks into high gear, you can hear Laika Beats grainy style rippling over the low end. His sound is aggressive, but one of the most cleanly defined and high-fidelity of an artist like this. Listen to his tracks “Owl Eyez” and “Lone Wolf” for an idea of what he’s bringing to the table here.

For his part, Mersiv has a knack for shining on crescendoes.

Here, he uses the intense peaks as a kind of launchpad, and rips through a vertigo-inducing full throttle sound that makes one feel like they’re melting. As I read that, I realize that few other producers can conjure up such a pleasant feeling.

The real crux of this track is that these are three artists that just love hip-hop, and blended their talents to make a sound system banger that operates as a rap track. We want to see the idea expanded upon in a full-fledge release, with more verses and more explosive synth work.

Check out the EP below, and give “New Kids On Da Block” a listen:

Laika Beats and Mersiv said of the “New Kids on the Block” EP:

“These tracks inspire a ferocious energy and that energy perfectly resembles the spirit of Denver and our love for all things music.”

As relatively fresh Colorado producers carving out a high-fidelity, hip-hop tinged sound of their own, we’re obliged to agree.


Featured image from artist’s Facebook.

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