10 Tweets in Response to Mersiv's 'Satanic Symbolism' Statement
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10 Tweets in Response to Mersiv's 'Satanic Symbolism' Statement

In case you like to stay OFF of social media on the weekends – which, tbh, we all should – and missed this, here’s a TLDR. Yesterday morning at 3am, Mersiv took to Twitter to make a pretty bold statement calling out some artists in electronic music. The tweet stated “Shoutout to all the DJs that can push their music without branding off of satanic symbolism and dark evil shit.” 

And naturally, like people do, artists and fans began to reply back and quote tweet with their opinions.


svdden death

Sullivan King with a video of HE$H saying “Hail Satan”


Russ Liquid preachin’ the truth

Bleep Bloop

Ginger Wesson <3


Levitation Jones


Featured image via artist Facebook page. 

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