merman.g Delivers Spacey Boom Bap on Latest Compilation

merman.g Delivers Spacey Boom Bap on Latest Compilation


Living amongst the audiofiles and factions of bass creatures in Denver, Colorado, producer merman.g is becoming a beacon of tonal freedom in the city’s underground music scene. Recently, at a Black Box show at the end of February 2024, his performance left audiences captivated and demanding more. The merman.g project is lovingly spearheaded by the enigmatic Shane Mersnik. For him, it isn’t just about creating music; it’s a profound journey into self-expression.

The recent single with neuro.studios, “Headnaud” is exactly the right amount of sugar, spice and everything nice. 

 In a candid discussion with River Beats Dance, Mersnik delved into the essence of merman.g. He expressed that the project serves as a medium to articulate emotions and is his opportunity to delve into the murky waters of the human experience.


“This project is about expressing myself in one of the only ways I can. I have been a musician of many different forms all of my life, and this is where I get to explore the depths of sound alongside the depths of myself. My music should be first and foremost taken as a reflection of what I feel inside, what I may have a hard time expressing through words, and what has inspired me to keep going through life.”


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“I draw inspiration from all of my collective experience, from the things I hear and see to the things I can touch and smell. Musically, my inspirations are rooted in interesting drums, syncopated rhythms, and tension. In my personal time, I feel like I mainly listen to a lot of progressive metal/tech and death metal such as Archspire, Black Dahlia Murder, Necrophagist, Periphery, Animals as Leaders, etc., which has an interesting influence on how I go about writing progressions or song structures. I love electronic music, but I also feel that if I consume too much of it I start to alter my production process to start trying to emulate someone else’s sound, or follow a specific rhythmic trend that people have latched onto. I just try to center myself and allow whatever happens to happen, with no end goal of what it’s supposed to sound like.”

If you want to check out merman.g in person, the upcoming months hold promising ventures in and out of Colorado. Badger Bass Camp, a grassroot fest in Hartsel, CO, is set to rattle bones on June 29th, 2024. Moreover, an anticipated release in collaboration with Soundz OrGanic is slated for April, promising to unveil yet another dimension of Mersnik’s artistic prowess.

Adding to the excitement, merman.g is set to grace the stage at Kulture Music Hall on April 28th, 2024, alongside fellow trail blazers Bromosapian and GRGLY, promising an immersive sonic experience like no other.

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