MEMBA Combine Goosebump-Inducing Visual & Audio Elements for 'SAGA-II'

MEMBA Combine Goosebump-Inducing Visual & Audio Elements for 'SAGA-II'

Combining both a visual and audio experience is MEMBA and their newest EP, the much anticipated SAGA-II. The Foreign Family Collective label artists showcase the depth of their talents in this 7-track EP, combined with an official film visual.

SAGA-II takes you on a journey, beginning with “1 More Mile” and ending with the previously released single “Inevitable.” Sprinkled in between is the infectious hit featuring fellow Foreign Family member EVAN GIIA, “Walls Down,” “Smara,” and more. Each track brings something different to the table, reflecting their vast interests in pop, punk, and electronica. “Inevitable” acts as the “ode to where we are all headed” and is the perfect conclusion to an awesome piece of work.

Give SAGA-II a listen now:

Directed by Sean Kusanagi, a name that might be familiar for ODESZA fans, the official film is a 13-minute long cinematic experience that is sure to entrance you from beginning to end. The SAGA-II EP film was shot all over the world, from India to Seattle, and “combined the efforts of a small army of visual artists.” It’s definitely goosebump-inducing, and best when watched more than once to find all the hidden details.

Check the visual experience out below.

The Brooklyn-based duo released their 3-track debut EP SAGA-I in September of last year. MEMBA explained that “after the filthiness that was SAGA-I, we decided to come back with something drastically different.

“The new EP offers 7 songs that convey life on SAGA-II, a planet of newfound awareness where people accept life and death as they are, using it to live better now. We feel that the best way to experience this place is to not only hear it but also see it. […] It tells the story of a relic from SAGA-II that accidentally arrives on Earth, connecting strangers in a shared moment of presence.”

– Memba

MEMBA are slated to support Jai Wolf on his upcoming tour. Later this year and into 2020, they have Holy Ship, Resonance, and Voodoo Music + Arts Festival on their radars. Following this release, we expect a lot more festival performance additions for next year, and potentially their own tour.

Add these guys to your playlists, because there is definitely more to come.

Featured image via MEMBA. 

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