MEMBA's 'Phase 1' Full Moon Release Series Revealed: One of Four [Listen]
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MEMBA’s ‘Phase 1’ Full Moon Release Series Revealed: One of Four [Listen]

The first of a series of four, Phase 1 from the duo MEMBA is here in its entirety, with a 3-track EP. After the release of lead single “Trenches,” “Bite Back” featuring NEVVE and “Rue the Day” featuring Ghostlo round out Phase 1. 

The Foreign Family Collective duo comprised of Will Curry and Ishaan Chaudhary have stirred up some buzz with their eclectic style, continuing to leave us preparing for the unexpected. Their latest release follows a similar suit, encouraging the listener to create your own make-believe world that embodies their music.

The lead single for Phase 1, “Trenches” kicked off the new series from MEMBA, and was released on April’s full moon. Following in similar suit, the following lead singles from the upcoming 3 Phase EP’s will drop on the day of the full moon. Each EP, or “Phase,” will explore a distinct genre and style, with visual accompaniments to match the aesthetic.

Like Memba’s Saga releases, Ishaan, one-half of MEMBA, leads the direction of the music video releases and co-directed alongside LA based VFX artist Jreams. The duo self-funded the money to create the music videos, and helped create the visual affects from beginning to end – planning every detail over a 5 day period.

The journey is just beginning for MEMBA. 

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