MEMBA Intertwine R&B, Grime, & Trap in 'Overrated' featuring Levus Alone [Listen]
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MEMBA Intertwine R&B, Grime, & Trap in ‘Overrated’ featuring Levus Alone [Listen]

This new one from MEMBA threw me for a loop the first time I heard it. The Foreign Family Collective duo comprised of Will Curry and Ishaan Chaudhary have stirred up some buzz with their eclectic style, continuing to leave us preparing for the unexpected.

With a plucking guitar intro into their newest single, “Overrated,” soft R&B vocals from Levus Alone set the mood, as a bursting trap instrumental completely surprises us out of nowhere.

Plus, let’s take a minute to admire that cover art. Give “Overrated” a listen below:

“This song is a rare blend of sounds, it’s got equal parts r&b, grime, trap and mirchi. It’s a combo we haven’t heard before and we love
how the two stark flavors mix up so nicely. We wrote it pre pandemic. Levus Alone had flown in from London to kick it with us in Brooklyn. He wanted to see Times Square and that but we never made it out the studio.”


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