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MEMBA Give Peek into Forthcoming EP With New Release ‘Inevitable’ [Listen]

MEMBA is a new favorite of mine. The Foreign Family Collective duo create dynamically mesmerizing music, including their most recent release titled “Inevitable.” This release is a peek into their forthcoming EP, SAGA-II, to be released in August. If you’re unfamiliar with the group, definitely dive into some of their old music including “Schools Out” and “Pull Up.”

Their recent releases have incorporated soothing melodies and drum rhythms, though their discography expands way beyond this. They are musical chameleons and they do it well. In “Inevitable,” they intertwine murmured vocals and a soothing beat progression to a final climax.

Give “Inevitable” a listen below:

This week, MEMBA joins both nights of ODESZA, Big Wild, ford., and EVAN GIIA for the A Moment Apart Finale show. This Fall, they join Jai Wolf for his The Cure to Loneliness Tour for a handful of stops. They finish October out at Voodoo Music Festival. If you get the opportunity to see them in your city, don’t miss out!

“The song is about the inevitable end we all face, and how this can be a motivator to live better now, rather than something to fear.”

– Memba

Featured image via artist. 

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