Melodic Production Meets Emotional Vocals on Bearson's New Single 'Feeling' [Listen]

Norweigan producer Bearson has been on our radar for several years now. First making an appearance during 2016, with his catchy hit single “One Step At A Time.” Since that single, Bearson has continued to grow his brand, introducing a recognizable sound that fans have flocked to. 

Today he’s back with a new single featuring, “Feelings.” “Feelings” is a heart-fluttering tune that depicts the too-well-known struggle of trying to open up to someone about your feelings when you’re hurting.

Lending vocals to the project is the lovely HART. Her delicate vocals mesh perfectly with Bearson’s charged, melodic production. Emotions run high with this catchy track that will be stuck in your head for weeks. 

Bearson is gearing up for a larger body of work, but for now, he wanted to get “Feelings” out into the world. Listen to the single below, and stay tuned for more from Bearson!

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