Medasin Announces New Project with Heartfelt Message to Fans

It’s been just about a year since Medasin’s debut project ‘Irene’ dropped and it looks like the young producer is hard at work on it’s follow up. Irene was one of the most critically acclaimed projects that dropped in 2018, and it’s successor is sure to be the same. Medasin has wowed with compositions like “At Fault”, “Mr. Skitters”, and “Always Afternoon” already this year. This is easily one of the most hyped projects of the year for me and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.

Read his entire message to fans which talks about his mental struggles and staying true to himself.


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important update: I have been working on my next project for the past long while now. I’ve been trying really hard to not say anything about it, it can be crippling to pre maturely set an expectation for what I’m working on and when I’m going to be sharing it, but I’m finally getting to those last steps with the project where I have the confidence to tell you more about it. Something about telling you this makes it feel more real for me too. It helps legitimize the fact that it’s actually happening. I have sooo much good music that I believe is a good very honest representation of me right now, it’s now just a matter of all those songs shaping together as 1 project by the will of the universe, which will be any day now. I sincerely feel I’ve matured a lot musically and spiritually this past year and I’m really excited to share a reflection of where I’m at right now with you via this music. I really do put all of me into this, I hate to sound like an cornball but it’s true. So much self imposed pressure & stress & identity crisis & self analyzation & huge spurs of inspiration & huge spurs of depression and all kinds of chaotic feelings go into me trying to conceptualize an honest medasin project. So love it or hate it, at least know Im actively doing my part in keeping it 1000% me, as I will always strive to do. Ending on a more personal note I’ve never felt happier or healthier than I currently am. Thanks for your support, medasin project # 2 is on the way soon. If I seem distant the next couple months, this is why. I will return in the near future with more details when I’m ready to share them. ~~~ P.S. 1 year anniversary since the release of irene is right around the corner and we have something special planned to celebrate 🙂 thank you for listening. ✌🏼

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