Matroda's Evolution: Unveiling the Journey of Jack The House 4 EP [Listen]
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Matroda’s Evolution: Unveiling the Journey of Jack The House 4 EP [Listen]

Matroda is back on River Beats today releasing Jack The House 4 EP, a different sound from the Tech House artists….and we are here for this new music Friday!

Matroda’s influence is great to both the tech house scene and the wider electronic music community. The Jack The House 4 EP encapsulates his artistic growth; it’s more than just an EP—it stands as evidence of Matroda’s musical journey, delving into a new creative approach to house music.

Within this EP, the ambiance takes on a deeper quality, catering more to club environments.  Jack The House 4 effectively embodies this from start to finish, seamlessly becoming part of the Jack The House series while introducing a dynamic concept to his EP format.

Kicking off with “My Mind,” the EP showcases Matroda’s technical prowess. The fusion of classic house vocals and powerful basslines makes for a bold introduction to the EP. Following this, “Can’t Fight The Feeling” showcases piano chords accompanied by deep basslines and soulful vocals.

“I Want It” takes listeners on a journey of unexpected twists and turns. Largely instrumental, it weaves a rich tapestry of emotions—leaving listeners on the edge, anticipating the next impactful moment. “In The Air” presents a darker landscape with gritty vocal snippets all while marking an experimental finale to the Jack The House 4 experience.

“Pump Up The Volume” acts as a dynamic end of the EP, while the final single “Talk To Me,” a collaboration with TOBEHONEST, seamlessly shows the styles of both artists, a fitting grand finale. This EP shows why Matroda holds a significant position within the tech house genre, playing over 100 live shows each year and accumulating hundreds of millions of streams throughout his career.

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