Dance Under the 'Midnight Sun' with Matoma's Latest Release [Listen]
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Dance Under the ‘Midnight Sun’ with Matoma’s Latest Release ft. JP Cooper [Listen]


Norwegian DJ and record producer Matoma, known for songs like “All Night” with The Vamps and “I Don’t Dance” with Enrique Iglesias, has released his newest single “Midnight Sun” with JP Cooper.

Working together for the first time in their music careers, the incredibly talented artists have seamlessly blended their two unique styles to create one of the top hits for the Summer. The two collaborated via Zoom, and the two have only met ONCE!

“’Midnight Sun’ is a celebration of the people who bring light in your darkest moments. I suggested the idea of Midnight Sun as a nod to the very light nights in Norway during the Summer….turns out Tom’s first ever tour was called the Midnight Sun tour so I guess it was meant to be. I have a feeling this is a creative relationship that will last much longer than just the one song.”

  • JP Cooper

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